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After going through this post we must change our behavior with regard to water.
Every drop of water counts a lot and can save life anywhere. So let’s pledge to conserve water and avoid polluting it.
 get started now!

We are Aquamaxx Filtration, We take care your family and health too :)

Our Products


Contemporary designed RO purifiers based on the proven state of an art RO & UV technology. Appropriate for mounting on kitchen wall at homes and offices. Purifies water from bore-well and overhead tank, making it 100% safe and healthy for consumption.

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Contemporary designed RO purifiers mainly used in offices and industries are highly effective but low maintenance . These commercial purifiers are able to remove all the unwanted materials from the water, thus providing a drinkable water.

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We put forth for our clients Industrial Water Purifiers, which have gained acclamation for easy maintenance and long working life. Offered at industry leading price, these can eradicate dust, dirt and microbiological impurities from water.

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Who We Are

Aquamaxx Filtration Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading brands in Water filtration industry. Our organization has been in this business from years with a firm believe that the water is the most essential part of life and we do our best not only in making tasty but also healthy water having the right mineral and good quality.

We take pride in saying that today we have thousands of satisfied customers all over India. Aquamaxx Water Purifiers can be used for domestic as well as commercial or industrial purposes. Our organization has diverse experience in handling Pureness Projects and has held several intense projects also.

Today, we have many happy, satisfied and importantly healthy customers who believe in our products. Over so many years we did multiple installations in Delhi/NCR and all over India. Our vision is to make the most technologically advanced Reverse Osmosis or RO Systems to fight against water borne illnesses.

We provide customized solutions especially for households because we understand the different needs of people and believe that only purify water can make a family healthy and lively.

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